Friday, June 11, 2010

Create an Poster for the non-existant Zelda movie

For the second project in our collaboration involved creating a movie poster for a movie that doesn't exist. It required the crew and actors, date and images from the game.

This was the first variation submitted by Matt. It was quite well done, the Link embedded in the letters, the type for Zelda and the shine were all very well done. The problems were located in the crew and actors at the bottom, the type looked squished and uneven. Also, there wasn't enough reference to the games to bring up excitement in the viewers mind.

The second variation takes a very different approach. A great shot of Link from slightly above, cropped to increase intrigue and colored to the palette the game uses. This time some of the inconsistencies were the type above "zelda" not aligning and the crew at the bottom again looked very squished.

This third and final rendition was much improved from the first one. The Hyrulian shield in the background enhanced the shimmer and type. The cast at the bottom was intensely better, using the thin and thick type for each name looks very smooth.

And for the second version, the type was much corrected, As now "the legend of" sits squarely on "elda". Also the crew and actors has been adjusted below as before. The tones were also slightly darkened to create more of a dark adventurous feel.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Create an Ad for Harvey's new Crispy Chicken sandwich.

First Assignment: Create a billboard for Harvey's new product, the Crispy Chicken sandwich. Make it clear and concise, easily read from a highway.

Okay, a couple things seem a bit off. The rock looks like crushed up paper. Maybe pick something a bit less shiny? Second the sentence at the bottom, its a billboard - who is going to park their car and read that? You have only three seconds to reach your fast moving audience. Maybe start with New Crispy Chicken or even put that underneath the sandwich itself.

On the plus side, awesome concept. "Between and rock and a hard place". The background is awesome and the drop shadows nicely make everything visible.

It's getting better, I think you should fit 'chicken' underneath same size as crispy. And I'll send you a link to a bit better of a rock picture, because the one you have now looks like coal. And 'burnt' is a bad connotation in the food industry. Turn that rock sideways so it is the same basic shape as the pillow and sandwich, which will increase the appeal and eye flow.

Yes! That's much better. Put that up full screen and step back, squinting your eyes. I know you feel 'chicken' should be smaller, but its product placement, its a name right? "The Crispy Chicken" not a crispy chicken. The rock looks great, better resolution on the logo and you gave it some outer-glow! It's complete!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Graduation Week

Four years of continuous learning ended suddenly on Thursday April 29th at 6 pm. I had taken a foundations course and then three additional years of a diploma program. Made it into the top 30 thesis projects of the school (top 8 in advertising) and began volunteer work on setting up the 'Year end show'.

Now that I am a junior art director in the 'real world' trying to figure out how everything works, I figured it would be a good exercise to work with a soon-to-be second year student in directing projects over the summer.

I met Matt Brodie through a professor at our college, he's smart, organized and very motivated. As a result he was also a perfect candidate to take over Presidency of the Advertising Portfolio Club that I started back in September.

This blog, and his other half are the shared works of two individuals who love design work and decided to give ourselves tasks over the summer, check back often for more pieces.